Dante Hadden is singer-songwriter from Vancouver, British Columbia. His music explores the acoustic elements of folk, with layers of strings, an acoustic guitar, and songs from the heart.

Drawing from personal and common themes of love, life, and heartbreak, Dante's soulful melodies and stirring lyrics lock on to emotions that we've all come to know.

Growing up in a musical family Dante was exposed to a wide variety of music at a very early age. With artists like Joni Mitchell and Neil Young imbedded in his mind, it's no wonder Dante holds such a strong affinity for folk music.

Over the years, Dante has been busy recording, writing, and gigging in Vancouver. Now at 23, Dante has created a large catalog of original music as well as cover songs he frequently pulls from when playing live. His second EP "Most Nights" is out December 21st, 2018.

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